250 vehicles and more than 200 professionals involved in the sales processes

More than 200 people involved in the sales processes, with the help of Conex Distribution’s fleet, including more than 150 commercial vehicles, serve through the 39 regional branches, more than 9000 customers, service shops and specialty stores, which in turn provide products and services for millions of car owners.

We are aware of the fact that through operational excellence, the logistic chain must be effective and well developed because thousands of stores, service shops, car rental companies, transport and taxi companies, agricultural bases and industrial conglomerates rely on the continuous flow of quality solutions we offer.

We understand the daily difficulties that traders within the Romanian car industry face and we strive to come up with coherent answers and effective solutions. One of the biggest difficulties encountered is the large number of models and types of cars on the market. Local traders, with limited budgets and storage space, often find it difficult to invest in a full stock of spare parts and consumables, thus severely limiting their business development.

Through major investments in product stocks and in logistics infrastructure, we have taken over some of the pressure caused by the need to invest and some of the logistics risks of our partner stores and service shops and we have implemented a delivery system known as Just-in-Time (JIT). Distribution vans travel the same delivery route several times a day, so partners can receive the order they placed even within one hour. This way, local businesses can grow faster as they can serve a wider range of customers while depending less on their own financial resources.

After 19 years of activity in the industry, we have learned that a strong, effective and modern distribution network includes a series of strategically located regional logistics centres, a professional sales team, efficient information exchange and a prompt delivery system.