Industry and education. Together for a better world!

To achieve excellence in industry we must rely on the collaboration between the university education system and institutions with experience in the machine building industry. This is only possible by developing relationships with renowned partners with notable results in the research and development of products and services that are intended to go beyond the conventional.

We believe that it is in our power to support the sustainable development of the Romanian car industry by working closely with traditional manufacturers and an internationally prestigious technical university.


ASAM S.A. is a Romanian manufacturer of automotive components that focuses on the development of quality spare parts at competitive prices for domestic and imported cars, but also components for industrial machinery. Established in 1924 as a repair and restoration centre for the Second Flotilla of the Romanian Military Aviation, ASAM carried out maintenance activities on Romanian aircraft during the Second World War.

Shortly after the end of the world conflagration, in 1947, the repair centre was shifted from military tutelage to civilian tutelage, so ASAM became a maintenance workshop for the Autonomous Motor Vehicle Transport Authority. In that year, ASAM made its debut in the automotive industry and consequently received the name of The Auto Repair Company.

Less than 30 years after its establishment, a new change takes place. The factory began to produce spare parts and subassemblies for heavy machinery and equipment. Along with its specialization in the automotive industry, the company acquires the name of Auto Parts Enterprise (IPA).

In 1991, the Auto Parts Enterprise became ASAM – Auto and Mechanical Assemblies and Subassemblies, 67 years following its establishment, but the experience and evolution of the factory facilitated its recognition as a renowned manufacturer of spare parts for cars manufactured in Romania.

The close collaboration between Conex Distribution and ASAM S.A. is an important step in the development of quality parts that provide one of the best quality-price ratios on the market.

TESS Industrie S.A.

TESS INDUSTRIE S.A. is another example of a Romanian manufacturer of quality car components. Established in 1993 under the name TESS CONEX, this factory specializes in the development and production of aftermarket components for bodywork, exhaust, engine shields and towing devices for both cars and trucks.

Starting its activity as a manufacturer of fenders for the legendary Dacia 1300, the factory found an opportunity on the market and capitalized it. Since then, TESS INDUSTRIE S.A. gradually began to produce bodywork components and exhausts for a wide range of cars, commercial vehicles and agricultural machinery.

Nowadays, TESS INDUSTRIE S.A. collaborates with Conex Distribution engineers from the Research & Development department to develop, test and produce new generations of car parts and consumables.

“Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University in Iași

Also known as the Polytechnic in Iași, “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University in Iași is an institution of technical higher education of international prestige that has under its umbrella 11 faculties, 6 of which are directly related to the training of future engineers in the automotive industry.

We are aware of the importance of close collaboration between industry and educational institutions to guarantee a future generation of confident, trained and motivated engineers to push the boundaries of technological development.

Thus, as part of the civic involvement program in the education of future engineers, we carry out technical assessments and quality tests for all private brands of products. Mechanical testing, material analysis, chemical testing and electrical assessments are our way of ensuring the quality of our products and the efficiency of our designs.

By collaborating with this prestigious higher education institution we can improve the quality of the parts and components we produce, but also support the development of the local academic environment.