50,000 sqm storage capacity nationwide

In 2003, we started distributing car parts and consumables nationwide to a limited number of car stores and repair centres, mostly in large cities, more accessible in terms of logistics. At that time, we operated only four regional logistics centres in Pitești, Brașov, Cluj-Napoca, Timișoara and the Central Warehouse in Iași.

Nowadays, 19 years later, we are recognized as one of the largest distributors of spare parts, accessories and consumables in Romania, for domestic and imported car brands. By supporting Romanian local businesses with daily deliveries and constantly interacting with market partners, we saw how important it is to maintain a global perspective on the industry, but at the same time, to implement our strategies through actions that develop local communities and to be at all times able to adapt to change.

Following our vision, and remaining true to our principles, we have managed to maintain a close relationship with our industry partners, so we have the opportunity to learn important information about situations affecting the development of traders and we can use that knowledge to develop effective solutions to support them.

A strong logistics network ensures streamlined processes and business efficiency. That is why we are determined to constantly increase the logistics space so that we can offer quality services even in less accessible locations in Romania. Currently we have reached 39 regional logistics centres and a central warehouse in Iași, all totaling more than 50,000 sqm of storage space.

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