Green Kontakt – Windshield wipers

Green Kontakt is one of those manufacturers who do not compromise on quality in order to obtain lower production costs. All wipers are designed and manufactured to provide perfect adherence on the windshield without leaving marks or scratches.

Shortly after its debut on the Romanian market, Green Kontakt has become one of the most convenient alternatives, without compromising on the quality guarantee of a premium product and at the same time offering advantageous prices.

These high quality windshield wipers are made of natural rubber covered with a film specially designed to allow a smooth, noiseless sliding, which translates into greater frictional resistance and longer life.

Green Kontakt production centres are ISO TS-16949 certified, complying with the demanding requirements of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), allowing the supply of rough cut assemblies for car manufacturers.

Green Kontakt wipers are available in 2 variants: the conventional ones on metal structure and the blade-type ones, with sizes ranging from 15” to 28”.

Conventional windshield wipers have a metal or metal and plastic structure, connected by a central bridge and articulated connections with 4 or 8 pressure points, depending on the length of the rubber blade. The articulated connections distribute the force generated by the spring in the wiper arm over the entire length of the rubber blade, thus creating perfect adherence on the windshield.

The windshield wipers with steel blade have an articulated connection that has an integrated spoiler along the entire length of the wiper to create perfect adherence on the windshield with the help of the front air flow. This type of wiper has an aerodynamic shape that reduces the noise generated by the air at higher speeds. Moreover, the wipers with rubber blades are more discreet as compared to the conventional ones, so they do not block the driver’s field of vision.

The Green Kontakt range of products

Green Kontakt wipers are divided into 3 ranges:

  • Kontakt Special (conventional wipers for cars and trucks with classic grip)
  • Kontakt Multi-Adapter (wipers with rubber blade and 7 adapters for most mounting models)
  • Kontakt Primo (conventional wipers with rubber blade with classic grip)

Quality control

To make sure that Green Kontakt wipers offer a high level of quality, the company uses 3 types of tests:

Ozone resistance test

Elements made of rubber are prone to aging. To check the quality of the wipers’ rubber blades, they are subjected to ozone exposure testing, in the laboratory, for 72 hours. This simulates the conditions of an accelerated aging of the rubber and allows to determine its degree of resistance over time. At the end of the test, the blades showed no signs of aging, operating within normal parameters.

Salt spray resistance test

The metal components of the wiper can rust due to corrosive substances. The testing of their resistance is also done under laboratory conditions by exposing them to salt spray for 144 hours. Due to the structure of the material but also to the coating treatment, the wiper arms have kept their appearance and strength.

Endurance test

After checking the specificity of each type of material used in the manufacturing of wipers, engineers must test the integrity of the structure and determine whether the wiper has weaknesses that need to be redesigned. During the endurance test, Green Kontakt checks the structural strength after 150,000 cycles, both in low temperatures of -40°C and high temperatures of +70°C.