Première Classe – Parts and consumables for European cars

Première Classe is a supplier of parts and consumables for steering, suspension, braking and wheel drive systems for cars and a partner of automotive manufacturers and distributors worldwide, its product ranges covering more than 80% of the applications on makes and models of cars in the European car fleet.

Production capacities are of the latest generation, being constantly updated in order to be in line with the latest technologies in the field of car parts manufacturing and are certified for ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 9001.

All Première Classe parts and consumables are subject to rigorous quality control processes throughout the manufacturing process, from the raw materials used to the finished product’s exit from the factory.

Parts and consumables for the suspension system

Covering more than 90% of the European car fleet, with more than 1000 applications for car makes and models, the Première Classe brand can rightfully be considered a specialist in components for the suspension system. Vital in terms of braking and maneuverability, shock absorbers and suspension springs must be inspected and replaced regularly according to their state of wear and also in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

At the same time, the Première Classe shock absorbers feature the latest technology, such as the over-molded Teflon piston rings and the valve discs calibrated to 1/100mm.

Technical characteristics:

  • High hardness steel rod (48 HRC) and mirror finish (RA = 0.03um)
  • Seal that keeps its sealing properties from -40°C to 110°C
  • Protection against corrosion by powder coating in static field
  • Double body type with equalization chamber and nitrogen under pressure (2.5 – 8 bar)
  • Natural rubber bush resistant to aggressive agents and providing excellent elasticity
  • The forces developed by the shock absorber are similar to OE.

Parts and consumables for the steering system

Steering system components, such as bumper heads, pivots, steering rods, anti-roll rods, bushings, suspension arms, are absolutely fundamental to the safety, control and balance of each vehicle. Safe responses in turns, breaking and maneuvering will be severely compromised and ineffective if the parts are worn or of poor quality.

Première Classe steering components are constantly being tested on state-of-the-art laboratory equipment, but also under aggressive operating conditions.

Parts and consumables for the braking system

The braking system guarantees the safety of the car, its technical condition, good or bad, directly affecting the operational safety and the efficiency of the transport. Thanks to the advanced testing we perform both in the laboratory and in real operating conditions, as a result of which the products are being continuously improved, the Première Classe components for braking systems guarantee safety and ensure 100% compatibility with the specifications imposed by the manufacturer of your car.

The range of components for the Première Classe braking system includes brake discs, brake pads and shoes, calipers, brake cylinders, brake pumps, sensors but also the accessories needed to achieve exact compatibility. Our goal is to continuously improve product performance and extensively develop the range of components for the braking system.

Parts and consumables for wheel drive systems

The range of components for the Première Classe wheel drive system includes driveshafts, CV joints, bellows kits, bellows.

Being integrated in the wheel transmission system, the driveshafts must compensate for all variations in angle or length as well as a series of shocks resulting from the handling of the steering for a perfect synchronization between the joints. Driveshafts are exposed to maximum stress all the time the vehicle is in operation. In addition to cornering angles and translational movement, the component joints as well as the bellows must be able to withstand temperatures between -40 and +120° C, as well as rotational speeds of up to 2800 rpm.

Rigorous selection of materials and how to treat them are essential for the lifespan of the driveshafts. Première Classe driveshafts and their components are subjected to complex testing both through specific laboratory procedures and in real operating conditions, using as a benchmark the parameters specified by car manufacturers. We are constantly looking for solutions to improve product performance and extensively develop the range of components for the transmission system, in trend with the technological evolution of the car fleet.

The components for the Première Classe wheel drive system are approved both by the competent institutions in Romania, but also at the European level.