MACHT – Batteries for cars, trucks, commercial vehicles, motorcycles and industrial applications

MACHT is the result of years of advanced research, advancement in materials science and demanding testing processes. MACHT offers a range of batteries designed to withstand long-term use under intensive operating conditions, accessible at one of the best quality-price ratio on the market.

Originally designed primarily for the automotive industry, due to the need for a battery that delivers a higher starting current and allows long-term use, later, by adapting the technology to the technical requirements of other fields of use, the MACHT portfolio has expanded by a multitude of utility, domestic and industrial applications.

Created with the help of the latest technology, with minimum human intervention needed both in the manufacturing processes and in their maintenance during their use, the MACHT batteries have the mission of determining the users to fully trust the ROBOT POWER concept.

Batteries for motor vehicles

MACHT Silver Power

MACHT Silver is the spearhead of standard car batteries. This range is developed using Calcium-Calcium technology which ensures a self-discharge rate 3 times lower than conventional technologies. MACHT Silver, the battery designed to last longer than the car, is the first battery in Romania that offers a 5-year warranty.

MACHT Classic

MACHT Classic is a range of standard batteries that use lead-acid technology. Being Maintenance-Free batteries, these batteries are sealed and require no maintenance. At the same time, the double cover prevents electrolyte from leaking and returns acid vapors to the battery cells.


MACHT batteries with AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) technology are designed for cars equipped with the Start/Stop function – automatic engine shutdown when stopping. This technology serves vehicles with high energy consumption or prolonged use.


The MACHT JIS range of car batteries meets the technical needs of cars produced by both the Japanese and mainland Asian industries. They have features such as different standard sizes, special connection systems or reversed polarities.


MACHT EFB batteries are developed to support the performance of partially charged cars that are not subject to overuse generated by deep discharge cycles. They are more reliable and superior to standard batteries based on the lead-acid technology.

MACHT Nordik

MACHT Nordik is the range of car batteries specially designed to support the performance of cars used under the most difficult conditions of operation. These batteries are capable of operating normally at temperatures between −55°С to + 60°С.

Batteries for heavy machinery

MACHT Heavy Duty Classic

The MACHT HD battery range can be used by both commercial and heavy-duty commercial vehicles or those operating in construction. The resin that covers the top and bottom of the battery provides increased resistance to vibration.

MACHT Heavy Duty Plus

MACHT HD Plus batteries are manufactured with Calcium-Calcium technology. Melted resin cast at the base and the top of the tile block, but also the positioning and connectivity of the groups of elements that are central provide improved vibration resistance. They have a very high starting current and are specially designed to provide maximum performance in extreme temperatures and on heavy roads.


The MACHT EFB Truck range provides increased resistance to vibration and acid stratification through an insert system. The resin cast at the base and at the top strengthens the battery structure so this range is ideal for heavy vehicles operating on rough terrain.

Batteries for motorcycles


The MACHT AGM Moto range is designed for motorcycles and ATVs with high energy requirements. In addition to higher cold start performance as compared to standard batteries, this range also offers high vibration resistance and is ideal for rough terrain.

Semi-traction batteries


The MACHT S-Tech battery range is developed for special uses such as solar and wind power electricity generating systems, motorhomes, electric boats, electric utility vehicles, energy back-up, equipment for the railway transport industry, traffic control systems. As they are sealed batteries, the MACHT S-Tech range requires no maintenance.