High-performance teams and state-of-the-art laboratories

Research & Development activities, numerous innovative projects, but also product testing are carried out in our own laboratories by mixed Conex Distribution and ASAM teams, but also in partnership with “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University in Iași.

Mechanical testing

These types of tests include: extraction tests, impermeability tests, mechanical compression tests, axial and radial run-out measurements, dynamic and static imbalance measurements, clutch slipping moment testing, by-pass valve impermeability tests, pressure tests (100 -150 bar) for the hydraulic elements of the braking system, damping characteristics testing, engine auxiliary systems testing, spark plug impermeability testing (pressure drops), bushing testing – torque, hardness, fatigue resistance.

Material analysis

The products and the materials they are made from are subjected to a series of hardness tests, roughness tests, spectrography, heat treatments.

Chemical testing

Specialists perform freezing point testing for cooling agents, ozone testing for rubber components, salt spray testing for metal components, determination of electrolyte concentration for batteries.

Electrical and electronic testing

These types of tests include: testing the endurance of electric motors, testing the endurance of alternators, testing the starting current for batteries, testing electrical parameters for motor sensors.