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Cooling and climatisation

Just the right temperature


Cooling and climatisation components

THERMIX – a brand specialized in cooling parts – radiators, heaters, blowers, condensers and intercoolers.
+ Welded tubes and fins, a solution to increase the air flow
+ Premium Brazed Technology – resistance to mechanical shocks
+ Bigger surface of the heat exchanger, according to OE specifications
+ Lightweight and compact
A broad range of cooling parts and the advantage of the modern technology, for a longer service life!

Car batteries

MACHT Klasse Baterien

Robot Power MACHT batteries – our motto is “believe in technology, not in miracles, that’s why we are proposing a premium range, with the highest starting power in their class on the market…more

Lubricants & chemical solutions


KROSS oils – this range is our tribute to the horsepower. It is produced in Belgium, a country with some of the biggest oil refineries in Europe. This trademark is made out of passion and latest… more