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Car seat covers & car mats

The new generation of car covers

Umbrella – High class covers

Car seat covers & car mats

UMBRELLA – a wide range of fitted seat covers, made out of fabrics similar with the original upholstery inside the cockpit. This brand contains also a selection of fitted mats for the most common car makers. The latest materials and the special design are providing a good protection, maximum comfort and a longer service life.

Car accesories

Mega Drive

For cars with attitude. Mega Drive brand contains a wide range of car interior and exterior accessories and many devices for repairinq, cleaning, maintenance and for functional purposes… more

Wiper blades


Designed and created for a perfect fit on the windshield, Kontakt wipers are offering an optimum wiping. The blade is made out of natural rubber graphite, ideal to reduce friction and to increase… more