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Parts & consumables for Logan, Duster, Sandero, MCV, Dokker

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Communication channels

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National distribution network

150 vehicles fleet, 120 sales people involved in direct sales process

Nowadays we manage a national market coverage, a door to door distribution and delivery just in time. Our clients, more than 6000, are the resellers, garages, car rental, taxi and transport companies, hypermarkets, commercial, industrial and agricultural companies.
A strong, efficient and modern distribution network – strategically located regional warehouses, consistent sales team, information and communication technology, commercial vehicles, was based in order to meet our customer requirements for availability and fast delivery.
Our success on the Romanian market and already our tradition and know-how in developing private brands, have encouraged us to look for potential foreign markets, were we successfully managed to trade ASAM and other private brands available in our portfolio.

Car batteries

MACHT Klasse Baterien

Robot Power MACHT batteries – our motto is “believe in technology, not in miracles, that’s why we are proposing a premium range, with the highest starting power in their class on the market. Under this trademark we …more

Lubricants & chemical solutions


KROSS oils – this range is our tribute to the horsepower. It is produced in Belgium, a country with some of the biggest oil refineries in Europe. This trademark is made out of passion and latest technology, with the … more